Our caravans to hire are all modern and finished to a high quality. The caravans in our hire fleet are replaced every 3 years to ensure we have a new experience to offer to you each time you stay with us.

You will have the choice from a range of our four and six berth caravans. The hire fleet are split into three different categories for the 6 berths, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Then four categories for the 4 berths, Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Firstly, the four berths. The key differences in our four berths are the sizes. Platinum Plus being the largest, descending down to Silver.

  • Platinum: 38 x 12 Feet +
  • Gold: 35 x 12 Feet
  • Silver: 33 x 12 Feet

The differences with the six berths is the cost of the caravan as well as the age of the caravan. All our hire fleet are finished to a high quality, with Platinum being the most expensive and newest, descending through Gold to Silver.

Please find the documents needed below to complete the booking process. It is essential for you to read the Terms and Conditions before completing and signing the booking form, as by signing the form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.